3*1W LED Surface Downlight

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Aluminium surface mounted downlight, designed for mounting on to a flat surface without the need for a hole, such as under cabinets etc. Uses 3 * 1W LEDs to provide a light output brighter than a typical 20W halogen light but uses just 3W. The unit includes a small collar to mount to the surface then the separate LED unit can easily be pushed in and lined up and the LED light comes with approximately 20cm of cable to attach into your low voltage system.

NO SWITCH – these units require a seperate switch.

Diameter – 69mm, depth – 18mm
Regulated from 10-30V
Light output: 240lm (Cool White), 220lm (Warm White)
3.0W power consumption
3 year guarantee

Our new surface mounted LED downlight


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Our new surface mounted LED downlight

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