12V 10W PIR LED Floodlight

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Our new compact 10W LED PIR Floodlight uses just 10W and gives over 1,000 lumens of light output. The light unit is small at just 110mm wide and 150mm high (depth 45mm) and is IP65 waterproof, the PIR detector sits to the bottom right side of the unit and has adjustments to the rear for detector sensitivity, time delay and light sensitivity. THe PIR sensor is designed to hang vertically to provide 180 degree detection,.

Ideal for use along with solar set-ups, as an outside light for boats, for work vans, in stables, horseboxes and for security lighting running from a 12V or 24V supply.

Dimensions – 130mm*95mm*30mm
Regulated from 10-30V so suitable for 12V or 24V use
Approximate light output – 1,000lm
42-Epistar LEDs
10W power consumption
Wide angle LED 130 degrees
IP65 Waterproof
Detection Distance: 2-10m
Detection range: 120°
Detection time: 3 seconds ~ 8 minutes
Cable length approximately 95cm
CE approved and RoHS compliant
Operating temperature – -20 to 40 degrees celsius
2 year guarantee

Our new low voltage 10W LED PIR Floodlight for 12V or 24V use.


Out of stock


Our new low voltage 10W LED PIR Floodlight for 12V or 24V use.