Case Studies - LED Lighting

We are regularly undertaking bespoke lighting projects for customers, ranging from LED strip lighting for rally cars, train carriages and airplanes up to projects for businesses including dock lighting, safari camps and point of sale lighting.

Please contact us direct via our contact form or email with your requirements and we will get back to you.

Our LED bus bulbs in the 119 year old Danish Royal carriage on display in the Danish Rail Museum .


Vickers VC10 cockpit at East Midlands Aeropark lit with Aten Lighting flexible LED.


Nimrod R1 at East Midlands Aeropark now lit with LED ceiling lights.


Flying Scotsman Carriage Lighting

East Lancashire Railway's carriages pulled by the Flying Scotsman and lit with our LED bus bulbs.


Flying Scotsman Carriage Lighting

Inside the carriages, after and during refurbishment at East Lancashire Railway.

Flying Scotsman Carriage Lighting