Mi Light 2.4G Round RGB LED Remote (S2-W)

Mi-Light radio frequency RGB LED remote control for use with a suitable controller to operate 12V or 24V RGB, RGBW or RGBCWW flexible LED strip lighting . The remote control can be used to select one of the preset programs, can turn the LEDs off/on, can brighten/dim the LEDs and using the touch sensitive wheel can be used to select individual colours for the LEDs.
Using the wheel, any possible LED colour from 640,000 colours can be selected.
The pack includes the round remote, a magnetic base with self adhesive backing and instructions.

Brand: Mi-Light
Model: S2-W
Voltage : 12V or 24V
Maximum load: 6A per channel
Remote Control Dimensions: Diameter 70mm, Depth 24mm
Batteries: 2 * AAA (not included)

Please note this is the remote control only and requires a suitable receiver/controller to pair to and operate the LEDs. We have a range of possible options for controllers which can be paired with the remote - this remote can be paired to multiple controller so that all operate at the same time to enable multiple lengths of LED to be operated in different areas.

RGB Controller (for RGB LED strip) - FUT037
RGBW Controller (for RGBW LED strip) - FUT038
RGBCWW Controller (for RGBCWW LED strip) - FUT039
Wifi 5 in 1 Controller (for either RGB, RGBW, RGBCWW, CCT or single colour LED strip) - WL5

If purchased with the controller and LED we will pair the remote to the controller so the items are ready to connect and use.

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A remote control to pair along to a suitable receiver to then operate 12V or 24V RGB (colour changing) LED. Suitable for use with our RGB flexible LED lighting via a suitable receiver. This remote can also control RGBW LED, RGBCWW LED or colour temperature adjustable LED (CCT). The remote control can be used to change colours sequentially using the touch sensitive wheel and can also dim the lighting, turn the lights on or off and also can select one of the preset programes. Maximum output current - 6A per channel.