Bespoke & Custom Lighting Kits

We offer several options to put together custom LED lighting kits for use inside or even outside the house. The lights can be used under cupboards, on top of cupboards, in kickboards, in alcoves, in display cases, under shelves, above garage doors – the list goes on.

For the area of your home you are considering lighting you will need to consider the following;
  1. How many lights are required?
    Are you looking to light under several cupboards, how many lights per metre in a kick board or above a garage door – we can provide advice on this.
  2. What colour LEDs to use?
    Will cool white or warm white lights provide the desired effect, warm white is similar to tungsten lighting, cool white is a bluer light with a more modern look. We can also offer coloured LEDs and colour changing options.
  3. How will the lights be switched
    Are you looking to use the household switches to power the lights or do you require 12V switches? Will these turn each unit on/off or will they be in groups?
  4. Determine Cable Lengths
    Measure the lengths of cables required to connect each light back to the LED driver and we will supply each light with the correct cable length making for a straightforward connection.
  5. Select LED Driver Type
    We have both plug-in or screw terminal LED drivers (LED transformers to take the 230V down to 12V for LED). We can advise on suitable sized drivers for the lighting selected.

LED Strip Lighting Kits

These are a linear light source, ideal for longer runs of lighting and provide an even lighting effect. Both indoor and outdoor options are available. The lighting sections can be made from 5cm to 5m, can be used with the self-adhesive backing or we can mount into our corner profile or low profile aluminium channel to provide a finished light fitting. Once in the custom length aluminium, we can add a push switch, touch dimmer or hand sensor to activate each of the lights.

Small Recessed LED Kits

These are individual recessed light fittings approximately 30mm in diameter for indoor or outdoor use. These are commonly used in kitchen kickboards, in display cases or mounted into soffits above garage doors.

Downlight LED Kits

These are individual light fittings approximately 70mm diameter that can either be surface or recess mounted for indoor use only. These are metal housings available in a chrome, aluminium, brushed nickel or gold finish with a either a fixed or eyeball front. These are available with LED light output equivalent to 5W/10W or 20W halogen for a fraction of the power use.

Smart Lighting

Our Smart Lighting section shows our range of Smart LED Lighting Strips that we have developed for use with a wide variety of control choices, including Phillips Hue, Amazon Alexa or Google Home integration or direct smartphone control.

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