G4 LED Caravan Lighting

The G4 halogen is one of the most common lamps used in caravans and motorhomes and is easily identified as a small glass lamp with two short pins spaced 4mm apart. The G4 halogen is commonly used in ceiling lights, wall lights, downlights and reading lights and is easily replaced with an LED alternative.

There are two styles of LED G4 replacements, discs or towers. The disc types are available in side pin and back pin versions and are used to provide light in one direction - these are best used in downlighters, ceiling lights and spotlights. The tower types provide light in all directions and are suitable to light up wall lights, large fittings or fittings with constrained shades, such as the tulip glass reading lights. It is important to note whether the halogen fits sideways or straight back into the fitting to choose from the side pin or back pin type as well as what space is available in the fitting to help identify which size will fit.

Please note all of our G4 LED lamps are voltage regulated, include voltage suppressors and are not polarity sensitive - i.e. the LED will light up whichever way the positive and negative power is applied so no rewiring is required.