Flexible LED Strip Lighting for boats

There are many varieties of LED flexible strip on the market, Aten Lighting only supply the highest quality LED flexible strip, we supply numerous companies including exhibition companies, electricians and kitchen fitters along with van converters, boat and super yacht builders who require the best quality.

Although the products may look similar, differences in quality are found in the LED used, the circuit running through the strip and the control resistors used in each section. We work with the leading manufacturer who use a double layer, high purity copper which improves light output by reducing voltage drop and is not easily broken. We only use branded LEDs which produce stable light with a low decline in brightness over time and have pure gold wire within the LED chip which ensures stable, long lasting light output. The resistors use to control the voltage over each cut section are all branded high quality components, cutting costs using lower quality resistors will lead to unstable performance over time resulting in over voltage, blinking and failing LEDs.

The flexible strip lighting is a very versatile style of lighting as it can be can be cut to length in varying lengths from 5cm to 5m and is provided with self adhesive backing making it easily mountable. Most types are available in waterproof versions so can be used safely outdoors and we even have a silicon covered submersible version too. Flexible LED strip lighting can be used to provide background or mood lighting to boats, can be used under the gunnels or on steps outside and can also be used in our high brightness version to provide an LED replacement for fluorescent lighting.

You can order this lighting through the website in a number of preset lengths, including a 5m reel. This will be sent out with a 20cm lead to connect to your 12V power supply. We can also supply in multiples of 5cm or 10cm depending on style chosen and with differing lengths of cable, please contact us for a quotation. We have included a selection of our 12V LED flexible lighting which is also available in 24V versions .

We always solder the power lead direct to the LED strip as have not found the connectors to provide a good connection. LED strips ordered will be sent out with a 2-core cable soldered directly to it, ready for connecting to your power supply (either the battery lighting circuit or an LED driver). This comes in set lengths and can be specified via drop down menus. We advise customers to measure the length of LEDs required and also the length of cable to connect to your 12V lighting circuit.