24 LED T10 Tower

The 24-LED T10 tower provides a low power, high brightness option to replace tungsten T10 lamps where light is required in all directions. This is our brightest T10 tower LED.

Regulated from 10-30V so suitable for 12V and 24V systems
Includes voltage spike suppressor and fused circuit
30mm long (excluding cap), 47mm including cap, 23mm diameter
Approximate light output - 350lm
2.8W power consumption
3 year guarantee

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Product Description


The T10 fitting is most commonly found in American RVs and fifth wheelers and is commonly used in ceiling lights, downlights and marker lights. The tungsten T10 is easily replaced with an LED alternative. The tungsten T10 is easily identified as a small glass lamp with two short pins folded back over the wedge based glass. Our LED replacements have a plastic collar which is the same size as the wedge base. In order to identify the most suitable replacement for the T10 lamp it is necessary to find whether the lamp fits sideways or straight back into the fitting as well as what space is available in the fitting to help identify which type to select. There are two styles of LED T10 replacements, discs or towers. The disc types are used to provide light in one direction and are best used where light is required in a single direction, e.g. in ceiling lights and downlights. The tower types provide light in all directions and are suitable to light up wall lights, marker lights and large fittings found in American RVs. All of our T10 LED lamps are voltage regulated and are not polarity sensitive - i.e. the LED will light up whichever way the positive and negative power is applied so no rewiring is required.

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